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Discover the beautiful north coast of the Dominican Republic in Puerto Plata, where fishing villages and luxury resorts coexist on endless beaches.

Considered the third most important city in the Dominican Republic and the most beautiful. Thanks to this, Puerto Plata is home to the most emblematic excursions and the most complete tourist destination in the country without a doubt; with a beach, sea, and a Victorian-style city full of culture that is part of the mystique of the destination.

Located between the most important rivers and countless ravines and lagoons, Puerto Plata is the perfect place for both cultural excursions and for getting lost in its beautiful beaches.

Today, the province of Puerto Plata is called the "Silver Coast". Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Cordillera Norte, it has a mild and dry climate, ideal for water sports, and has a quiet atmosphere from a small fishing village.

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Hotels in Puerto Plata

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