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Caribbean Lake Park Punta Cana

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Come to know Caribbean Lake Park, a unique place in Punta Cana and in the Dominican Republic.

Designed for lovers of water sports and activities, this place offers a space full of fun for the whole family in a sun and beach environment with a spectacular 3-level Infinity Pool, beach volleyball courts, foot-volleyball courts and a incredible package of exciting activities that you can do such as:

Wakeboard: One of the easiest adrenaline sports to learn. Balance your body and glide over the water on a small board towed at high speed by our state-of-the-art drag system.

Kneeboard: The best way to learn to do water sports such as Wakeboard or Waterski. Lower your center of gravity and kneel on the board, let our cable take you along the exciting ride.

Cable Ski: Show that you know! Put on your skis, hold the cable and slalom between the different obstacles.

Tibetan Bridge: Dare to do this challenge for tightrope walkers with your group and try to reach the end of the rope or at least not be the first to fall into the water.

Paddle Board: If you prefer a quieter activity, you can tour the lake on a Stand Up Paddle board while watching your friends juggle.

Inflatable Circuit: Slides, swings, trampolines, trampolines and lots of fun for children and adults.

High and Low Zip Line: Hold on tight and slide down a zip line cable from 10 meters high, resist as much as you can and end up taking a refreshing dip by dropping into the water from the height that you most want.

Water Blob or Catapult: A giant air bag surrounded by water and a jumper will make you experience the flight of your life. Then you can be the jumper and make your friends fly into the lake.

Donut Ride: Have fun with your friends and let yourself be towed along our cable in an inflatable against the wind and speed, turning and wasting emotions.

Caribbean Lake Park Punta Cana is one of the few places in the country where you can perform Flyboard, a water-powered board connected to a jet ski that provides all the power necessary to perform incredible stunts. This activity has an additional cost and is subject to various restrictions.

Take advantage of this opportunity and together with your family and friends live moments that will last a lifetime!


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Tour Modalities

Full Day

: Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun

: 6 Hours

: Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun : 6 Hours

6 hours of activities with buffet lunch, snacks and refreshments included.

Restrictions for Caribbean Lake Park Punta Cana

Full Day

- Pregnant women cannot perform the activities.
- Not suitable for people with limited abilities.
- People under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed.
- Minimum age to do the activities: 4 years
- The Flyboard activity has an additional cost and is subject to various restrictions.

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