2 Tours from Samaná

2 Tours from Samaná

Discover the best excursions, tours and things to do in Samaná

Venture to know the country, its culture, its natural wealth and the great hospitality of the Dominican people.


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Samaná Experience

Samaná Experience

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Live the experience of crossing the Samaná Bay by boat on our “Samaná Experien...

169.00 USD

Whale Watching with Cayo Levantado

Whale Watching with Cayo Levantado

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Explore the majesty of the Caribbean with our exciting tour! Our trip begins with ...

149.00 USD

Are you looking to experience the best excursions in Samaná? Discover them with Otium International!"

Looking for the best excursions in Samana, we have just what you need! Enjoy the coastal and simple charm of the city that attracts tourists every year, and best of all, you can enjoy it on horseback and on a zip line.

Get a taste of the Dominican Republic's natural resources in the coastal province of Samana. Stroll along the virgin beach, explore the forest, or sail the bay.

This wonderful city is located in the northeast of the Dominican Republic; home to lush palm trees, white sand, and turquoise waters. Likewise, the picturesque Samana Bay is the perfect place for ecotourism activities on your next trip to the Dominican Republic.

Likewise, Samaná is a city that can satisfy all the needs of modern travelers. It has a supermarket, four banks, and good Internet and telephone coverage. There is an international airport, 15 minutes away from the city.

Schedule one of our wonderful excursions in Samana and discover why its landscapes are among the most coveted and one of the favorites in the world.

Frequently asked questions about Samaná

Does Samana have nice beaches??

The isolated beaches of Samana are some of the most stunning in the Dominican Republic, if not globally. Discover the best of Samaná in a guided tour.

How much does a tour in Samaná cost on average??

A good tour to get to know Samaná can start from 90 USD. However, if you are looking for private experiences that include several destinations, it can go up to approximately USD 2,000.

What is Samana known for??

The province is situated along the Atlantic Ocean on the northeastern side of the Dominican Republic, characterized by its prominent mountainous terrain. Samaná is renowned for its abundance of beautiful beaches.

Is Samana Dominican Republic safe?

Yes, Samaná is very safe. Exercise the usual precautions you would take anywhere—avoiding dark alleys at night, and you should be fine. Samana is a charming and well-policed location, known for being quite safe. Apply common sense as you would when visiting an unfamiliar large city.

Is Samaná a good destination to travel with family or couples??

Samaná definitely has everything a family or couple outing needs to have an unforgettable day. The best beaches in the Dominican Republic or possibly in the world, are the ideal destination to relax, whatever type of traveler you are.