3 Tours from Santo Domingo

3 Tours from Santo Domingo

Discover the best excursions, tours and things to do in Santo Domingo

Venture to know the country, its culture, its natural wealth and the great hospitality of the Dominican people.


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Santo Domingo Tour

Santo Domingo Tour

4.7 (27)

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Discover our breathtaking excursion to Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican...

67.00 USD

City Tour in Santo Domingo

City Tour in Santo Domingo

4.5 (2)

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The famous excursion to Santo Domingo pays homage to the First Cathedral of the Am...

85.00 USD

Santo Domingo Panoramic

Santo Domingo Panoramic

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The Santo Domingo Panoramic tour will take you back 500 years to the beginning of ...

49.00 USD

Are you looking to experience the best excursions in Santo Domingo? Discover them with Otium International!"

Santo Domingo, being the oldest city in the Americas and the "New World"; not to mention, one of, if not the most contemporary and dynamic in the Caribbean; will take you through a magical city full of history, culture, and unparalleled landscapes. This beautiful city is the capital of the Dominican Republic and home to the best excursions. That's why we have listed the activities and excursions in Santo Domingo that you can't miss.

This amazing city has not only history but also great shopping malls, art galleries, fascinating nightlife, and an impressive gastronomic scene. Let yourself be enveloped by the charms of the Caribbean and a relaxed atmosphere; get involved in its colorful lifestyle and forget about stress.

Choose from our selection of Santo Domingo excursions of your choice and immerse yourself in adventure, adrenaline, and comfort - don't settle for anything less! In addition, we have personalized attention that guarantees total satisfaction in each of these activities.

Dare to leave your resort with our top excursions, unique to take your stay to the next level and take home more than just a souvenir.

Frequently asked questions about Santo Domingo

What can´t you miss in Santo Domingo?

Definitely the best excursions in Santo Domingo are the city tours. Where you will get to know the most representative places in the city such as museums or even shopping plazas.

How much does a tour in Santo Domingo cost on average?

On average each tour costs about 90 USD. It depends on how many things the excursion includes or excludes.

Is it worth going to Santo Domingo for a day?

Certainly! The initial colonial city in the entire American continent, Santo Domingo, is filled with historical richness extending beyond its pristine sandy shores and 16th-century forts.

Is Santo Domingo a walkable city?

The historic center of Santo Domingo is compact and easily walkable, allowing you to discover it in just one day, or two if you prefer a more leisurely pace of exploration.

Which are the nicest places in Santo Domingo?

The nicest places of Santo Domingo are Columbus Lighthouse, Fray Antón de Montesinos monument and the emblematic Eugenio María de Hostos Park.